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Chasing Eleanor

The Story of Mike Garcia’s Mustang Pursuit


My Mustang story started when I was 14 when my uncle said he would give me his 1968 coupe which had a 289 with an automatic transmission.  Just before I became of driving age, he tried to start his own business and he needed money so the Mustang was sold with the hopes of greater things.  Ever since then I have been chasing Eleanor.


Audrey - 

With the '68 gone, my first Mustang turned out to be a white with red interior, 1964 1/2 with a 170 ci inline six backed by a 3 speed manual transmission.  The car was being sold by a V.P. of the bank that my mom worked for.  After the '68 slipped away, I was pretty determined to have this '64 1/2.  The car was parked in the bank parking lot and I would visit "my" car often.  At one point, a lady noticed me near the car and asked how much it was selling it for.  I told her that it was no longer for sale and that it had been sold.  At the time that was a complete lie.  It was my first car which I used my Sr. year of high school and for several years afterward.  I even took it to California to my first duty station when I went into the Air Force.  I ended up selling it but was able to keep it in the family and was eventually able to get it back. 


My second Mustang was a black 1997 with a V6 automatic.  Expecting our first child my wife and I went shopping for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The Jeep dealer drug their feet and didn't seem very motivated to make a sale.  Maybe because we looked kind of young.  We ended up across the street at the Ford dealer and maybe it was the pregnancy talking ended up driving off the lot with Mustang number 2.  A day or so later Jeep called inviting us back to pick up our Jeep...  That Mustang also went with us to California and then to New Mexico for another assignment.  It was pretty cool living in California with two Mustangs, one classic and one late model in the driveway.  At one point, a tire slasher struck but leapfrogged both my ponies.

Vicki - 

I got my third Mustang in Washington D.C.  It was a teal 1993 coupe.  It was a 4cyl with a 5-spd manual transmission.  I wasn't exactly thrilled to have a 4cyl, but I needed something to get around D.C. and I was fan of the fox body.  It was surprisingly pleasant to drive.  Despite the small power plant, my mind was changed.  I enjoyed the car until the day I sold it.  The only issue I had with the car was a clutch replacement and timing belt.  I caught a lot of grief for having a 4cyl Mustang but it was reliable and looked good for her age.  My friends in Virginia referred to her as the "Topaz Pony". 


Bridgette - 

My current daily driver is a white 2015 V6 with a 6-spd manual transmission.  After the '93 coupe was sold I looked for another Mustang but couldn't find anything in my price range.  I won't say what I had to go with, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  Needless to say, several years passed before I was able to get back in the saddle.  I finally got to a point where I was able to Mustang shop again.  While browsing Mustang listings I crossed this white 2015 which reminded me of Audrey.  I told my wife that when I was able to get another Mustang it would be like the one in the listing.  It took another two months before I was ready to actually buy and with some luck on my side, the car was still there.  I went to the dealer to see it and was afraid I would be disappointed due to over excitement.  After the test drive I was practically handing the sales guy money.  He was trying to show me other Mustangs with leather packages and electronic packages but the only option I really wanted was a manual transmission.  We finally closed the sale.


I once again I have two Mustangs in the drive way.  Audrey and Bridgette.  Audrey ended up going from Texas to California, back to Texas for a few years, and then to Virginia and back to Texas.  Audrey is in serious need of repair and restoration but she will ride again.