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San Antonio Mustang Club Officers

Cathy Nelson, President

Cathy is one of our newest members, but has been a long time Mustang Enthusiast and has taken the reigns as the 2019 President

Bea Kalinowski, Vice President

Bea is known by just about every members and by all the vendors that sponsor the club. She diligently keeps the club in line at meetings and is a great liaison to the community.

Mark Williams, Treasurer
Mark Williams took over as Treasurer when Jack Klug stepped down after 36 years.

David Fernandez, Secretary

You will see David driving his GT500 around San Antonio at most Mustang and Car Show Events

San Antonio Mustang Club Board Of Directors

Richard Birnbach

Richard was the 2016 San Antonio Mustang Club President and brings a wealth of knowledge to the club as well as a profound enthusiasm and passion with everything Mustang related
 Paul Woeppel

Paul has owned several mustangs over the years, it is always the first one that gives you the love affair. He has been very fortunate to have met so many people in this club that have a passion for the Mustang. As he says it "jump in the seat and let’s have an adventure cruising San Antonio and other places"


San Antonio Mustang Club Committee Members

Robert Carington, Mustang Club of America Representative

Robert Carington has been the Club Representative for years now and helps keep the club informed on MCA events and helps coordinate any news that may be useful.

Mike Garcia, Membership

Mike Garcia is fairly new to the San Antonio Mustang club, but jumped in to help fill the role of Membership.  You can see him rolling down the road in his White Mustang.

Steve Garcia, Webmaster

Steve has been instrumental guiding the club through our various web page designs and is a consummate professional in getting things done.

Cathy Beuershausen Nelson

Regional MCA Representative for SAMC
Tom Bader

Jerry Kalinowski, Historian

Jerry took over as Historian when Roy stepped down. Jerry documents all the events and activities the club participates in.


Public Liaison