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HomeHistorian Corner

By: Bea Kalinowski
VP Power Fitness Cruise-In

On a beautiful Saturday morning, we had 15 Mustangs cruise in to VP Power Fitness. In attendance besides myself & Jerry were President Traci Tate, Nancy Tribby, Charles Herber, Shirley Furstenberg, Cathy & Gail Nelson, Karl & Levon Lang, Kathy Gunnoe, David Fernandez, Barry Malone & Cory Hampton, Fred Alvaredo, Juan Gomez, David Elizondo, Rick Birnbach, and Tom Kubler. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Anyway, besides giving all of us an opportunity to socialize and get to know each other better, there was free food & drinks, plus lots of giveaways, which included free 3 month gym memberships & some detail packages. Plus, it's a very nice facility, so if you're looking for a gym on the northeast side of San Antonio (south of 1604 off 281 on San Pedro, in same shopping center as Willie's Ice House).

2021_08_14 VP PowerMaster Fitness

By: Bea Kalinowski
SAMC Summer Picnic
Over 50 San Antonio Mustang Club members gathered at Rim Rock Ranch Community Park in Bulverde (front porch of the hill country) for our annual club picnic. Plenty of food, plenty of games. Seems like people were just waiting to get out and have a good time. Lots of catching up with members we've not seen in a while, as well as socializing with everyone. It was nice to see all the Mustangs at the picnic. Thanks to club president Traci Tate for getting people moving and participating in the games. Thanks to the club for providing the burgers & dogs (and to Karl & Levon Lang for picking them up), and to Charles Herber for providing some deer sausage (and I don't believe there was any left). Thanks to Cheryl DiIanni and Kathy Gunnoe for heading up the picnic committee. They did a great job getting everyone to sign up and participate in the picnic. Also a big thank you to all the members who provided all the sides and fantastic desserts.

This is what a club is all about, to get people involved and having a good time.

Thank you to the Rim Rock Ranch Board for granting us the use of park.

Can't wait for the next SAMC event!!!

2021_07_31 SAMC Summer Picnic

By: Bea Kalinowski
SAMC Hill Country Poker Run
First of all, a huge thank you to Chicago Title, our event sponsor!

San Antonio Mustang Club members (and a few Corvette Club members) gathered at Helotes Lions Club for the start of the Poker Run. Participants checked in (or registered) and received a goodie bag and their wrist bans, as well as being invited to partake of donuts & water. At 9:00 a.m., everyone was told if they were on Team 1, Team 2, or Team 3. Each team left at a pre-designated time and made their way to The Apple Store in Medina. Lots of apple pie, apple butter, and apple cinamon ice cream made its way out of the store before we set off on a leisurely and curvy drive through Kerrville, finally arriving at Street Dreams in Fredericksburg. WOW, so many neat cars and trucks, plus signs and gas pumps (I particularly liked the Phillips 66 gas pump since I used to work for Phillips Petroleum in Huntingtion Beach, CA). Next stop was for lunch at Backwoods BBQ. Excellent food and more getting to know the people in your group a little better. After a super lunch we set off for the last stop of the day - The Wine Garage. Here we met up with Team 1 and Team 2, drew for our poker hands, settled down with some cake and some drinks, as well as getting to see more cars. Finally, what everyone really wanted to know - WHO WON??  David Wessels took 1st place with a straight, Ace high, with Cheryl DiIanni coming in 2nd with a straight, King high. Then, drawings for all the door prizes, of which there were many. Last event was the 50/50, for half of $366. Patrick Doyle won the $183, and promptly handed it back to club president Traci Tate to go to our charity. I believe everyone had a good time and I, for one, look forward to the next one.
2021_07_24 Helotes Lions Club
2021_07_24 The Apple Store
2021_07_24 Street Dreams
2021_07_24 Backwoods BBQ
2021_07_24 Wine Garage

By: Bea Kalinowski
Tusculum Brewing Company
San Antonio Mustang Club members (and a few others) gathered at Walmart in Boerne and made their way to downtown Boerne for a first time event at Tusculum Brewing Company. The event was well attended, the band played great tunes, and the drinks and food were plentiful. I didn't count how many cars were there, but the parking lot was full, as well as a covered area where 7 cars got to park. Among those attending were Traci Tate, Paul Woeppel, Paul & Rene Read, Patrick & Wendy Doyle, David Fernandez, Sam & Cheryl DiIanni, Karl & Levon Lang, Barry & Corey Malone, Nate Thompson, and Jerry & Bea Kalinowski. We're looking forward to them having more events in the future.

2021_04_24 Tusculum Brewing Cruise-In

By: Bea Kalinowski
TCA Car Show in Boerne
Several San Antonio Mustang Club members entered their cars in the TCA Car Show in Boerne, and some of them won awards. Among those who entered their Mustangs: Cheryl DiIanni, Pam Hattoy, Hank Hattoy, Cathy Nelson, Charles Herber, Traci Tate. Then there was club members who entered their Corvettes: Paul Woeppel, Sam DiIanni, Paul Read, Jim Cooper. Mustang Club members who won awards were Cathy Nelson (Best in Class - Mustang), Charles Herber (Class Award for his Shelby), and Sam DiIanni (class award - Corvette).

There were cars as far as the eye could down Main Street in Boerne, plus more on side streets, and even more in the park. The last count I heard was 414, and 300 of them had to be Corvettes.

What held my attention was the fact that there were cars from every era, from the 1930s to 2021. They were all beautiful, and it is too bad that each and every one of them couldn't win an award. But there's always next year!!! The 2022 show will be held on April 2nd.

2021_04_17 TCA Car Show

By: Bea Kalinowski
Twisted Fillies go to Diva Night in Boerne
Several of the Twisted Fillies of the San Antonio Mustang Club decided to visit Boerne for their 2021 Spring Diva Night. Among those attending were Nancy Tribby, Rene Read, Levon Lang, Traci Tate, Cheryl DiIanni, and yours truly, Bea Kalinowski. We started the night off by checking in at The Dienger Trading Company and collecting our goodie bags, which contained a few cool things, like a boa scarf and a tiara - definitely items needed by divas. We then started hitting the shops, starting at LuLu Belles, which is owned by club member Lisa Hillje, where we collected water bottles (with our names on them) filled with sangria - yummy. More shops, buying things, collecting more goodies, then dinner at the Hungry Horse Restaurant, then back to shopping. Everyone had a great time checking out the shops and can't wait for the Fall edition of Diva Night.

2021_04_08 Diva Night in Boerne

By: Bea Kalinowski
Horses & Horsepower Car Show

WOW! The venue was cool and the weather was phenomenal. Well over a hundred cars & trucks showed up, even if the majority were Corvettes - well, it was sponsored by the Alamo Area Corvette

SAMC was well represented though and took home quite a few awards. Among the attendees were Jerry & Bea Kalinowski , Gail & Cathy Nelson, Charles Herber & Shirley Furstenburg, Karl & Levon Lang, Tom Kubler, Michael Moore, Dwight & Nancy Tribby, Paul & Renee Read, Sam & Cheryl DiIanni, Hank & Pamela Hattoy, Becky Dowda, Paul Woeppel, and club president Traci Tate. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time visiting with friends and making new friends, checking out the Silent Auction, and hoping to hear their name called for one of the door prizes.

Thank you to the Alamo Area Corvette Club, Freedom Chevrolet, and Triple H Equitherapy  for putting together a spectacular car show.

2021_03_20 Horses & Horsepower Car Show

By: Bea Kalinowski
SAMC Little Italy Dinner

Just a little bit of a few SAMC members having a bit of dinner together. Those attending were Hank & Pam Hatoy, Sam & Cheryl DiIanni, David & Kathy Gunnoe, Jerry & Bea Kalinowski, Jim & Jean Cooper, Paul & Rene Read, Charles Herber & Shirley Furstenberg, and Ken Powers. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, and for being seated at 2 separate tables, lots of animated conversation. Easy to say that we'll all do a gig like this again.
2021_02_27 Little Italy Dinner

By: Bea Kalinowski
SAMC Valentine's Day Luncheon & Cruise
WOW!!! The temperatures were brutal - didn't get above freezing all day - but I think a great time was had by all! After a leisurely drive through the Hill Country, 17 people sat down for lunch. Club President Traci Tate and Events Coordinator Paul Woeppel led the way, with Sam & Cheryl DiIanni, David & Kathy Gunnoe, Dwight & Nancy Tribby, Hank & Pam Hatoy, Gail & Cathy Nelson (with son Travis) in their Mustangs, and Dylan Licata & Selena Jones in his Japanese pony, and Jerry & Bea Kalinowski in their Korean pony. Look at the photos and see just what a fantastic luncheon Laura & her staff prepared for us. After lunch, everyone headed home along the Twisted Sisters except for the Nelsons & Kalinowskis who headed back into Utopia and did some shopping at the General Store, then headed leisurely home.
2021_02_13 Laurel Tree Valentines Cruise

By: Bea Kalinowski
5th Annual Opie's BBQ Cruise
What a day!!! The weather was perfect and we had 34 cars make the trip to Opie's BBQ in Spicewood. Those attending were Jerry & Bea Kalinowski, Paul Woeppel, President Traci Tate, Karl & Levon Lang, Rey & Sharon Costillo, Nancy & Dwight Tribby, June Bright, Jim & Jean Cooper, Paul Cooper, Steve & Betsy Rogers, AJ Rodgiez, Barry & Cory Malone, Charles Herber, Shirley Furstenberg, Kyle & Tiffany Edens, Sam & Cheryl DiIanni, Dave & Kathy Gunnoe, Ken & Karen Agres, Lupe & Lisa Perez, Dylan Licata, Guy & Jordan Atherton, Moses & Kandee Garcia, Patrick & Wendy Doyle, Rob Butler, Ken Powers, Denny & Jeanette Kalk, Brandon & Lukero, Joe Gonzalez, Bobby Zayala, Wade Mueller, and Scott Grassmuck. First stop of the day was at the Valero truck stop in Round Mountain for photo ops and greeting our fellow drivers. Next stop: Opie's BBQ in Spicewood. Food, as usual, was excellent and much enjoyed by all. After filling our tummies, many of us made the trek to Iron Wolf Distillery (also in Spicewood) for some tastings & discussion of where to go next. Next stop was down the 281 at Arc De Texas Winery up on the hill just outside Johnson City,. Some excellent wines & beautiful views. Already looking forward to next year.
2021_01_16 Opie's BBQ Cruise

By: Bea Kalinowski

Twisted Fillies Annual Holiday Dinner
The Twisted Fillies annual holiday dinner and wine exchange was held at StoneWerks at The Rim. Joining the Fillies were members of the Lady Navigators from the Corvette Club. Fillies attending the event were Traci Tate, Kathy Gunnoe, Levon Lang, Jean Cooper, Nancy Tribby, Rene Read, Tammy Thompson, Cheryl Di Ianni, Cathy Nelson, Karen Agres and Bea Kalinowski. After enjoying our meals, we did our best (and I think we pretty much succeeded) to keep up with a poem about the Wright family, passing wine bags & boxes right, left and across. Once the poem was over we all opened our wine bag or box to see what kind of wine we got, and to see the glass that was included as part of the gift. Many ooh's and aah's later we all wished each other Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and went our separate ways home, wondering what the next Fillies event would be.
2020_12_03 Twisted Fillies Holiday Party
By: Bea Kalinowski
Alzafar Shriners Car Show & Toy Drive
SAMC was well represented at this event. Attendees included Jerry & Bea Kalinowski, Brandi Meyer, Cathy & Gail Nelson, Karl & Levon Lang, Tom Kubler, Hank Anderson, Patrick Doyle, and Wes Craven. The show had no categories, awarding the top 50 vehicles. Besides most of our cars being in the Top 50, SAMC won a trophy for being the  car club that donated the most toys. The turnout for the show was just shy of 200 vehicles. This was a very good turnout, and many thanks go out to the Shriners for making it a show to be proud of.
2020_11_14 Alzafar Shriners Toy Drive

By: Bea Kalinowski
Pale Horse Drinkery & Sky Top Bar Cruise-In

SAMC was asked to host the first Cruise-In at the Pale Horse Drinkery & Sky Top Bar. Among the 30 or so cars that showed, several SAMC members came out and brought their cars - Paul Woeppel, Paul Read, Samuel DiIanni, David & Kathy Gunnoe, and Jerry Kalinowski & me. It was a pretty hot afternoon, but the Pale Horse was nice and cool inside, and you could order pizza from Marcos' Pizza. So was Double Schott's Bar & Grill, where Paul Read, Samuel DiIanni, Jerry & Bea went to get a bite to eat.
2020_06_07 Pale Horse Drinkery Cruise-In

By: Bea Kalinowski
Twisted Fillies Hill Country Cruise

The Twisted Fillies of the San Antonio Mustang Club, and the Lady Navigators of the Corvette Club, picked a beautiful day to cruise the hill country. Traci Tate organized the event. June Bright, Jean Cooper, Rene Read, Cheryl DiIanni, Kathy Gunnoe, Karen Agres, Cathy Nelson, and Shirley Furstenburg from SAMC attended. After cruising through the hill country, the group wound up at Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyard.
2020_06_06 Twisted Fillies Hill Country Cruise

By: Bea Kalinowski
Alzafar Shriner Car Show

The first car show of the year, and it was very well attended. A total of 189 entries showed up, and lots of people came out to just look at the vehicles. SAMC was well represented by yours truly, Paul Woeppel, Jerry Daniell, Patrick Doyle, Lisa Daniell (w/her Barbie Corvette), Paul Read (w/his 1963 Corvette), and a couple whose names I don't remember. It was a long day, but we did very well in the trophy category with wins by almost everyone I mentioned. Coffee & breakfast tacos went over very well, as did Bill Miller brisket sandwiches for lunch.
2020_06_06 Alzafar Shriner Car Show

By: Bea Kalinowski
Whataburger Cruise-In

I didn't count the number of cars, but there was not one open space in the parking lot. Besides that, Liza Renata's husband had his club come out in their Dodge pick-ups, and there was more than 50 trucks in the dirt lot next to the parking lot. Everyone had a great time looking at cars/trucks and socializing. Whataburger's dining room was still not open, but drive-thru and online ordering for curbside pickup was popular. As you can probably tell, we're not into "social distancing" so much any more. We'd like to thank Whataburger for making sure that we are taken care of on Friday nights.
2020_06_05 Whataburger Cruise-In

By: Bea Kalinowski
Whataburger Cruise-In

The first Whataburger Cruise-In since the COVID-19 virus social distancing began. Quite a few cars showed up. Since Whataburger's dining room wasn't open to the public, we either went thru the drive-thru or ordered food online for curbside delivery. Anyway, we practiced "social distancing", but all enjoyed ourselves.
2020_05_15 Whataburger Cruise-In

By: Bea Kalinowski
Whataburger Cruise-in

The first Whataburger Cruise-In of the year was a night for Mustangs. Although it was a little cool out, about 20 Mustangs showed up compared to one (1) Corvette. Not a lot of SAMC members there, but did meet one who had just moved here from DC and joined that night. All in all, it was a good start to the new year and I hope to see more SAMC members out there on upcoming Fridays.
2020_01_03 Whataburger Cruise-In

By: Bea Kalinowski
Canyon Lake Christmas Parade

We had 4 cars – Jerry & Bea Kalinowski, Cathy & Gail Nelson, Miguel Rosario and Jerry Daniell. We got there early and decked our cars out in all their holiday glory. Not only that, but we took 1st place in the car category in the parade.
2019_12_14 Canyon Lake Christmas Parade

By: Bea Kalinowski
SAMC Holiday Party

SAMC Holiday Party at The Lion and Rose at the Rim. We had 55 people in the room, and 44 of them brought gifts for the White Elephant gift exchange. During the party there was a slide show of SAMC events during the year – cruises, cruise-ins, car shows, and especially the SAMC sponsored Bulverde Open Car Show. After the buffet dinner, Bea Kalinowski had an impromptu guessing game – who is this baby/toddler/teen? Then the White Elephant gift exchange. As usual, this was a lot of fun with people stealing gifts – especially the ones that were liquor. And take a look at how many gifts are under the upside down Christmas tree for Dare to Love. I think we’re all ready for next year, but maybe in a little larger space so we can accommodate more people.
2019_12_06 SAMC Christmas Party

By: Cathy Nelson
US Storage Centers Car Show
We went to the US Storage Center's professionally judged car show benefiting the San Antonio Food Bank and so glad we did. Not only got to spend time with great friends, Bluebelle won Top 5!! Congratulations to fellow San Antonio Mustang Club members Lisa Daniell & Jerry Daniell on their Top 30 wins too! Car show Sunday ended well! Barbie won again. Jerry’s GT350R won, Cathy Beuershausen Nelson and Bluebelle won Top 5 and 2 members of the AACC both won, one Top 5 the other Top 25!
2019_11_17 US Storage Centers Car Show

By: Bea Kalinowski
Cibolo Santikos Cruise-In


The Shelby Club invited SAMC to participate in a car show/cruise-in at the Cibolo Santikos Theaters to promote the Ford vs Ferrari film in their theaters. Paul Woeppel, Wes Heath, Paul & Renee Read, Miguel Rosario, Becky Dowda, Sabine Edmondson, and Jerry & Bea Kalinowski were only a few of the more than 50 cars that showed up for this event. And making Jerry’s day, the Valero girls were there for photo ops.
2019_11_16 Cibolo Santikos Cruise In

By: Bea Kalinowski
Audie Murphy Veterans Car Show

Beautiful day at the 16th Annual Audie L. Murphy "Ride a Crooked Trail" car show. Congratulations to all of the winners... especially to all of my friends and my San Antonio Mustang Club family!!!!
2019_11_16 Audie Murphy Veterans Car Show

By: Jerry Kalinowski
San Antonio Veterans Day Parade

San Antonio Veterans Day Parade – Jerry & Bea Kalinowski, Denny Kalk, Jeanette Rhodes and Sabine Edmondson all brought their convertibles and had VIP guests riding in their cars. It was a beautiful day for a parade, and Bea was especially stoked since she had 3 handsome Marine in her car (hubby Jerry is a former Marine).
2019_11_09 San Antonio Veterans Parade

By: Bea Kalinowski
Bulverde Open Car Show

What a beautiful day for a car show. Some of us started the night before with setting up – Paul Read set up the computers for registration and calculating the winners. Bea, Renee Read, Jeanette Rhodes and a few others set up the Silent Auction, the goodie bags and the door prizes. Then we were back at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning to finish setting up and be ready for all the cars to start trickling in. We wound up with 159 beautiful cars and raised a good amount of money for Dare to Love. After passing out all the trophies and cleaning up, all who worked the car show then headed out to Front Porch Bar and Grill for a much deserved sit-down and dinner, and just to talk and reminisce with each other. Now we’re ready for next year!!!!

2019_10_19 Bulverde Open Car Show

By: Jerry Kalinowski
Bulverde Jubilee Parade

On a Saturday morning in downtown Bulverde, the "longest short parade in Texas" was held. Bea Kalinowski drove the Grand Marshall, retired KSAT Meterologist Steve Browne, in her car BumbleBea, followed closely by Nate Thompson driving Tammy's car with the honorary Grand Marshalls. Not only were these 2 cars front and center, we had 7 other SAMC cars that were entered as a group in the parade, and the club took "Best Car/Truck Entry." Thanks to Cathy & Gail Nelson, Paul & Renee Read, Miguel & Jan Rosario, Rick Birnbach, Gary Tanner, Dwight & Nancy Tribby, and of couse, Jerry Kalinowski. Paul Read's cobra on the hood of his car got a lot of attention during the parade. We then parked our cars at Front Porch Bar & Grill for an informal car show, where Tammy Thompson's car won the Ladies' Choice award. Thanks to Austin Thompson & his friend Mike for carrying the car show banner that was donated by Digital Expressions, and thanks also to the members that showed up. It was a great boost for our upcoming car show.

By: Bea Kalinowski
Wonderland of the Americas Father's Day Car Show

Our club president, Cathy Nelson, represented the San Antonio Mustang Club again this night. 😀 Her car Bluebelle won Top 40 out of 200+ cars - a huge thank you to all that voted for her!!! Also attending from the club were Cathy's husband, Gail Nelson, and Nate & Tammy Thompson.

Congratulations to Cathy for yet another award for her awesome car!
2019-06-15 Wonderland of Americas

By: Bea Kalinowski

Whataburger Cruise-In
On what started out as a hot night and turned into a beautiful one that cooled down just enough to enjoy, the new Whataburger at 1604 & Military welcomed somewhere around 50 cars (mostly Mustangs & Corvettes) to their new facility. It seemed that a great time was had by all as we walked around and enjoyed the various cars & trucks that attended this event. It was nice to see people that we don't see very often & to make new friends too. From SAMC, besides me & Jerry, there was Paul Woeppel, Traci Tate, Paul & Renee Read, Jim & Jean Cooper, Ben & Yolanda Rodriguez, Karl & Levon Lang. If I missed anyone, my apologies!!!

2019-06-14 Whataburger Cruise-in

By: Bea Kalinowski
Red White & Bluebonnet Car Show
On a hot and humid day in South Central Texas, a few SAMC members braved the heat to show off their ponies in New Braunfels at Bluebonnet Ford's 2nd Annual Red White and Bluebonnet Car Show. While none of us won an award (their award categories were not by car classes), we did win some raffle prizes and silent auction items, plus we had a good time checking out the other cars and enjoying each other's company. Representing SAMC were President Cathy Nelson & her husband Gail, Vice President Bea Kalinowski & her husband Jerry, Bill Burdick, Nancy Tribby (drove their Mustang for the first time ever), Tom Bader, and Steve Garcia (even though he brought out his Corvette).
2019_06_01 Red White & Bluebonnet Car Show

By: Bea Kalinowski
US Storage Centers
Our President, Cathy Nelson, is out and about entering car shows left and right in order to promote our own SAMC car show in Bulverde on October 19th. In the process, she is racking up trophies too. 
2019_05_19 US Storage Center

By: Bea Kalinowski
Shriners Car Show

Despite the inclement weather, the Shriners Car Show in San Antonio was well attended. SAMC was represented by 4 cars entered and other members stopping by for support. We won 5 awards: 3 class awards (Bea Kalinowski, Cathy Nelson & Wes Heath), 1 Best in Class award (Craig Smith) and the Potentate's Award (Craig Smith).
2019_05_18 Shriners Car Show

By: Bea Kalinowski
Mustangs Take Flight (Houston MCA Show)
Two groups, totaling 10 cars, headed to Houston on Friday, 3/29/19, plus a few more that drove separately, but SAMC was well represented at this MCA Show in Houston. Not everyone was showing their cars, but came along for support of those of us who were. First stop after checking into the show was to have our pictures taken with a P-51 Mustang. Becky Dowda & I were in the same class, so we parked next to each other at the Lone Star Flight Museum. No sooner were we parked than we had judges in front of our cars wanting to know if we wanted to be judged that afternoon. WHAT????? We just drove in from San Antonio and our cars were dusty and the front ends covered with bugs. NOPE!!!

We looked at a few cars, went into the museum and looked around, then headed to the hotel to freshen up and find something to eat.

Saturday morning found everyone back at the museum cleaning cars
and getting ready for judging. Took a while, but by the time the judges showed up, we were ready. Once we were judged, took time to go look at all the awesome cars inside & outside the museum, and some awesome planes.

Sunday morning found us back at Lone Star Flight Museum, but with the cold and wind, trophy presentations were moved inside (after the concourse cars were moved out).

Six GOLDs and one SILVER were awarded to SAMC members. Congrats to: Robert Carington, Tim Faktor, Becky Dowda, Mark Dumont, Mike Dumont & Bea Kalinowski for GOLD wins, and to Jeff Wallen for SILVER.

So much excitement, especially for me. This was my first MCA show, and I won GOLD!!!!

Sunday afternoon found everyone on their way back to San Antonio and home.
2019-03-29-31 MCA Houston

By: Bea Kalinowski
Twisted Fillies Winery & Luncheon Cruise

The Fillies started the cruise off from in front of Lowe's at The Rim. From there they traveled up to Medina and visited the Apple Store. Then lunch and shopping at Camp Verde General Store. After Cathy Nelson found a purse to match Bluebell (her car), they were off to Singing Hills Winery in Comfort. The Fillies attending were Cathy Nelson, Renee Read, Jean Cooper, Nancy Tribby, Cheryl Di Ianni, June Bright, Olga Andrews and Beverly Anderson. And I'm sure the rest of us Fillies are sad we didn't join the cruise.

2019-03-17 Twisted Fillies Winery & Luncheon Cruise

Bandera Cowboy Mardi Gras

On Saturday, 2/23/19, 5 cars and 10 people traversed to Bandera for Mardi Gras. We started the day very early at Home Depot in Helotes. Drove straight up Highway 16 to Bandera and started the day with breakfast at Old Spanish Trail (O.S.T.) Restaurant, then spent the morning browsing the many shops, antique stores and vendors on the courthouse lawn in Bandera. At noon, the parade commenced, and what a parade it was. Floats, cowboys & horses, kids & adults in costume, a guy riding a longhorn, and everybody throwing beads. After the parade, Busbee's BBQ for lunch, then check out the rest of the vendors on 11th Street. By 3:00 p.m., we were all bushed and ready to head home. The weather was beautiful and a good time was had by all.
2019-02-23 Bandera Cowboy Mardi Gras

SAMC 2018 Christmas Party

On December 15th, 60 people gathered at the Marriott Suites SeaWorld to celebrate another year of camaraderie and friendship. We feasted on Prime Rib or Roast Duck, and I think everyone enjoyed their meal (I know I enjoyed my Roast Duck). After the meal, we held our annual White Elephant gift exchange - 47 people participated and a good time was had by all. Best of all, we had 2 representatives from Dare to Love to accept a check for $3,000 from the club, and the many many gifts and gift cards that our members brought to share with the children that Dare to Love represents. Thank you, one and all, for your generosity.

SAMC 2018 Christmas Photos

by Bea Kalinowski

Twisted Fillies Visit to Don Strange Ranch


17 Fillies visited the Don Strange Ranch in Boerne to view all the Christmas lights and setups that were there. We had a great time driving around looking at all the different Christmas visions around the ranch. Then we went inside where there were quite a few vendors and had the pleasure of doing some shopping for our loved ones. We also had our photo taken with Santa.

2018-12-12 Twisted Fillies Don Strange Ranch

Opie's BBQ/Spicewood Vineyards/Iron Wolf Ranch & Distillery


2019 started off great with a San Antonio Mustang Club sponsored cruise to Opie’s BBQ in Spicewood on Saturday, January 5th. The cruise started at 281 and 1604, straight up the 281 to 71 and over to Spicewood for a total of 75 miles. The neat thing is that we all managed to stay together and 34 cars wound up at Opie’s for a fantastic feast. As always, Opie’s had great food, which makes it our first cruise of the year for 4 years in a row. After Opie’s, several members went for tours and tastings at Spicewood Vineyards and Iron Wood Distillery. Thanks to all the SAMC, WSS, S550, STS and Greater Texas Bullitt Owners for making this such a successful cruise. It is such a popular cruise that we need to do it again this year.

2019-01-05 Opie's/Spicewood Vineyards/Iron Wolf Distillery

Lone Star Mustang & Ford Round-Up
It was a beautiful day for people to come out and show off their cars. We had a LOT of Mustangs (of course), but we also had Thunderbirds, Raptors (Ford trucks), plus many other models that came out to support SAMC and Dare to Love. Many thanks to Alamo City Stangs, the S550's, and all the other clubs that participated and helped out. The Kid's Choice award was one of the highlights of the day we had so many kids participating. I think my Bumble Bear in the back seat of my car helped me win the Kid's Choice Award, but I'm not complaining. All in All, a great day for showing off our cars, having some cruises, and we even had the San Antonio Police Department doing VIN etching. Thanks again to all who showed up, and especially all the volunteers helping in various areas.

Lone Star Mustang & Ford Round-Up

Alamo Heights Optimist Club Open Car Show
SAMC members came out in force for this show put on by the Optimist Club and Alamo City Stangs. And did we clean up in the awards. Bea Kalinowski, Becky Dowda and Steve Garcia won Class Awards for their cars, Cathy Nelson won Best in Class for her car, and although they brought their Corvettes out, Traci Tate and David Gunnoe also won awards for their cars. All in all, it was a great show, with lots of cars decorated for Halloween and giving out candy to all the kids that attended. Looking forward to next year's show.

Alamo Heights Optimist Car Show

by  Bea Kallnowski  

Rolling Oaks Mall Cruise In
Some photos from the most recent SAMC monthly Rolling Oaks Mall Cruise In, held on the 4th Saturday of each month. Click on the button for photos.

Rolling Oaks Mall Cruise In

Mustang Week in Sturgis
San Antonio Mustang Club members traveled to South Dakota to participate in Mustang Week in Sturgis. Leading the pack were club president Paul Woeppel and club secretary Traci Tate. Traci took a few pictures and if you would like to see some of their travels to and from Sturgis, as well as a few of the Mustang rally itself, click on the button.

Mustang Week at Sturgis

Houston Space Center 

San Antonio Mustang Club members traveled to the Houston Area for a weekend of fun and learning. The trip included a day at a near by Amusement Park. Sunday included the tour of the Houston Space Center which include the Apollo capsule from moon mission Apollo 11. They are 106 photos to view for those members that missed out on this great trip. Click on button to view pictures.

Houston Space Center