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CESAR ZAVALETA - Passing Down the Mustang Passion to the Next Generation

This month I didn't receive any featured cars from SAMC, and I asked three folks for their stories. So I figured if I couldn't get a story from our own club members, I would ask Randy Weldon with NMCC to send me one of theirs, which he gladly did! ~Becky D, Hoofprints Editor

Randy said, "I first met Cesar when I saw him in a 2012 Shelby, red with white stripes. He introduced me to his son, Cesar Jr., who for whatever reason, I keep calling him Little Cesar… After the first time I met Cesar, I noticed I kept seeing him in different Mustangs. So I asked him for his backstory, and here it is." ~Randy W., President NMCC

Since I was in high school my goal was to own a Ford Mustang. As soon as got out of high school when I was 18, I tried to buy one but the insurance was higher than the car payment. I couldn't afford it back then but my desire to own a Mustang never went away.

In 1999 I bought my first Mustang when I was 23. It was a V-6 in order to get a good rate on the insurance but I finally had the car of my dreams in that V6, It wasn't until 2001 that I got my first GT and after that I have owned all the new models.

Now that my son is growing and he also likes Mustangs, we have been working to own all 6 of the generations, so far we only have four a '66, '67, '92, and, a 2012 Shelby.

My son & I have been busy with Mustangs and Car Shows, and I'm so pleased we share the same passion that has lead me to meet many wonderful Mustang Owners in this huge community of Mustang Enthusiasts.

We bought the '92 5.0 for Cesar, Jr. That's going to be his first car. He loves the idea so much he even made me personalize his license plate with his name. The things we do for our kids but also it's the great pleasure of being able to pass down the Mustang passion to the next generation.