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The Outcast

Photos and story submitted by NMCC member, Steve McNew

When I was 16 years old, flipping burgers at Hardees in Kentucky, I began looking to purchase my first car. The gas shortage had hit our country during these years and it was simply not practical to have a muscle car as a daily driver, despite growing up a car guy who loved muscle cars, especially Mustangs. While car shopping, I came across a Mustang II, which I had never seen one before. To purchase this Mustang was an honor and represented everything about being a muscle car, yet delivered in a fuel efficient, smaller model. It had less power than those of the past, but it was a perfect car at the time.

The Mustang II was still a Mustang and from the moment I saw it I couldn’t help but envision it as nothing less than one bad Pony if “Properly Built.” I was able to save $500 and purchase my Mustang II. I knew it was going to be a process to build what I wanted, but at the time, I just didn’t realize how long a process it would actually become.

Here’s a funny story… When I was 17 years old, I went through the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. While waiting for my order, I flirted with the ridiculously cute blonde who worked there. She was as funny and personable as she was cute. She handed me this promotional sticker, which I playfully reached over and slapped on the dash of my Mustang II - my daily driver at the time. That sticker has been there 31 years, and I've been married to that cute blonde for 30 years this October...

Along the way I ended up owning a ‘92 Roush & a ‘96 GT but fast forward 37 years…..I built and installed in my Mustang II a Ford Racing 347 Stroker Engine, and left her at a shop for the complete build. A full year later, I had to buy 2 donor cars in order to part together and fix what the shop did wrong. With body work done, the 500 HP engine humming, interior complete, I’ve recently completed installation of a custom built Ford 9” rear end with Trac-loc & Disc Brakes. Nearing completion of my Mustang II Project car I am finally seeing the Muscle Car I envisioned when I was 16 years old. It is everything I thought a Mustang II Muscle Car should be. I call her the “Outcast.”

Although our Family has multiple Muscle Cars manufactured by various brands, my oldest son also loves the II’s and owns a Flat Black ’77 Mustang II with a 5.0 engine. My youngest Daughter is a huge Mustang fan just waiting to reach an age where she can drive her first Mustang – hopefully not another project! Over the past few years, I have continued to work hard at improving my Outcast. The 347 Stroker has been completely rebuilt from top to bottom, adding updated performance components along the way. There are way too many updates to list here, but some highlights include the addition of a Weiland 174 Series Pro-Street Supercharger, a custom grind Comp Cam, a Holley 750 SS double-pumper built by Davinci and a new Circle D Billit torque converter. The custom built Ford 9” rear & updated brakes mentioned earlier with the new suspension helps the Mustang ride like a brand new Pony – and it goes a long way in putting all of that power to the ground when at the track. The new Quick Performance 9” was custom built for the Mustang II complete with trac-lok, 1/4" Heavy Walled Axle Tube with “Big Web” Housing Center Piece, Billet Big Ford New Style 3/8" (with seal surface) housing end , 31 spline, F9YNC Ford 9" Yukon Nodular Iron Complete Center Section / Third Member, Billet Steel 1350 Yoke.

The work isn’t finished yet. My Mustang II just had a new cowl hood completed and is working on custom hinges. I’m also adding needed touches here and there – like white letters for those fat Mickey Thompson meats, additional engine trim, new personalized floor mats, etc.

After all of this work and with a need to be with my Mustang II, I’m already putting a ton of miles on Outcast. The Mustang is great on backroads, but equally comfortable cruising at highway speeds. I plan to take part in a lot of national shows, races, and cruises this year, including having the honor of representing the “Second Generation Mustang” with Northside Mustang Club (NMCC) at this year’s Autorama in Houston, TX, Thanksgiving Weekend. NMCC will have on display all 6 generations of Mustang and Outcast will proudly be representing Gen2!

347 stroker with Comp Cam Custom grind 230/236 114LSA with Weiland 174 Series Pro-Street Supercharger, fed by a Holley 750 SS double-pumper (built by Davinci), backed by B&M AOD transmission with overdrive and Circle D Billit torque converter, 3000 stall.

Ford 9 Inch with Trac-lok Clutch posi by Quick Performance with 1/4" Heavy Walled Axle Tube with “Big Web” Housing Center Piece, Billet Big Ford New Style 3/8" (with seal surface) housing end , 31 spline,
F9YNC Ford 9" Yukon Nodular Iron Complete Center Section / Third Member, Billet Steel 1350 Yoke.
3.70 gears.


NGK Spark Plugs TR6 spark plugs
Wix oil filter (VR1 Race 50 oil)
Scott Drake Water Neck
MSD 8202 Ignition Coil
MSD Distributor
MDS ignition box
Fel Pro Perma Torque MLS gaskets
ARP Cylinder Head Stud kit
Flex-A-Lite Overflow tank
Mickey Thompson ET Street SS 275/50/15
Powermaster OEM style high torque starter
HP series Rod Bearings
HP Series Main bearings
SFI approved Harmonic Balancer
Total Seal Race/Steet Blower piston rings
Mobile 1ATF fluid (6 quarts)
Timing chain and gear set – quick adjust double roller, Billit Steel sprockets (Part CLO-9-3735)
Delco timing cover gasket (FEL-35114)
DexCool antifreeze